application security training in delhi

Best Cyber Security Training In Delhi

Best Cyber Security Training In Delhi

Craw Security Delhi offers an inclusive Cyber Security training in delhi. The extensive practical training provided by Cyber Security training institute in delhi equips live projects and simulations. Such detailed Cyber Security course has helped our students secure job in various MNCs. The trainers at Craw Security Delhi are subject specialist corporate professionals providing in-depth study in Cyber Security course in delhi. Participants completing the Cyber Security certification have plethora of job opportunities in the industry.

Further, we have kept the Cyber Security course in delhi duration flexible. From online classroom to fast-track & one-to-one classroom Cyber Security training is provided during weekdays and weekends to the attendees. Our modern lab is equipped with latest technologies helping students avail a successful Cyber Security training and certification from the institute.

6 Level of the Cyber Security-

Level 1- Ethical Hacking

  • Module 1-Intriduction to Basics of Ethical Hacking
  • Module 2-Foot-Printing Active(Tool Based Practical)
  • Module 3-Foot-Printing Passive(Passive Approach)
  • Module 4-In-depth Networking Scanning
  • Module 5-Enumeration User Identification
  • Module 6-System Hacking Password
  • Module 7-Viruses and Worms
  • Module 8-Trojans and Backdoor
  • Module 9-Snidders MITM with Kali
  • Module 10-Bots and Botnets
  • Module 11-Sniffers MITM with Window
  • Module 12-Social Engineering Techniques
  • Module 13-Social Engineering Toolkit Practical Based
  • Module 14-Denial of Service DOS DDOS Attacks
  • Module 15-Web Session Hijiacking
  • Module 16- SQL Injection Manual Testing
  • Module 17-SQL Injection Automated Tool Based Testing
  • Module 18-Basic of web App Security
  • Module 19- Hacking Web Servers Server Rooting
  • Module 20-Hacking Wireless Network:Manual CLI Based
  • Module 21-Hacking Wireless Network:Automated Tool based
  • Module 22-Evading IDS,Firewalls
  • Module 23-Honey pots
  • Module 24-Buffer Overflow
  • Module 25-Cryphotography
  • Module 26-penetration Testing:Basic
  • Module 27-Mobile Hacking
  • Module 28-Cloud Security and many more


Level 2-Penetration Testing


  • Module1-How to Plan Your Penetration Testing
  • Module2-Scoping Your Penetration Testing
  • Module3-Network And Web-Application
  • Module4-Post Exploitation Phase
  • Module5-In Depth Password Attacks
  • Module6-Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Module7-Penetration Test Reporting


Level 3-Cyber Forensics


  • Module1-What is a computer Forensics
  • Module2-Methods by Which Computer gets Hacked
  • Module3-Computer Forensics Investigation Process
  • Module4-Digital Evidence Gathering
  • Module5-Computer Forensics Lab
  • Module6-Setting Up Forensics Lab
  • Module7-Understanding Hard Disks
  • Module8-File System Analysis:Linux/Window/Mac
  • Module9-Window Filesystem Forensics
  • Module10-Data Acquisition and Techniques
  • Module11-Data Imaging Techniques and Tool
  • Module12-Recovering Deleted File and Folder
  • Module13-Deleted Partition Recovery Techniques
  • Module14-Forensics Investigation Using Forensics Tool Kit(FTK)
  • Module15- Forensics Investigation Using Forensics Tool Kit(Oxygen)
  • Module16- Forensics Investigation Using Encase Tool
  • Module17-Stenography and Image File Forensics
  • Module18-Application Password Crackers
  • Module19-Log Capturing and Events Correlation
  • Module20-Network Forensics Tool and Techniques
  • Module21-Mobile Forensics Tool-Cellebrite Tool
  • Module22- Investigating Logs
  • Module23- Investigating Network Traffic:Wireshark
  • Module24- Investigating Wireless Attacks
  • Module25-Investigation Web Application Attacks via Logs
  • Module26-Tracking Investigation Various Email Crimes
  • Module27-Detailed Investigation Reporting


Level 4-Indepth Networking


  • Module1-Operation of Protocols
  • Module2-OSI Layer
  • Module3-TCP/IP Module
  • Module4-Installing
  • Module5-Configuring
  • Module6-Concept of Layers
  • Module7-STP ,VLANs ,CAM
  • Module8-IPV4 and IPV6
  • Module9-OSPF(single and multi area)
  • Module10-Load Balancing
  • Module11-EIGRP
  • Module12-Introduction to WAN
  • Module13-WAP Protocols
  • Module14-HDLC, PPP,NAT
  • Module15-Introduction to WAN
  • Module16-DHCP,SNMP,Netflow
  • Module17-SSH
  • Module18-Secret Password


Level 5-Web Application Security


  • Module1-SQL Injection Flaws
  • Module2-Cross Site Scripting Flaw
  • Module3-Source Code Disclosure Flaw
  • Module4-OS Command Injection Flaw
  • Module5-Broken Authentication
  • Module6-File Upload Vulnerability
  • Module7-Cross Sites Request Forgery
  • Module8-Sensitive Data Exposure
  • Module9-Remote File Inclusion
  • Module10-Directory Traversal Attacks
  • Module11-Invalid Redirection Flaw
  • Module12-Security Mis-Configuration
  • Module13-Missing Authorization
  • Module14-Session Fixation
  • Module15-Weak Data Encryption
  • Module16-Information Leakage
  • Module17-Dangerous File Upload
  • Module18-Transport Level Communication
  • Module19-Invalid URL Redirection Flaw
  • Module20-Security Mis -Configuration
  • Module21-Insecure Direct Object Reference


Level 6-Mobile Application Security

Course Information

  • Duration-45 Days
  • Lecture- 2hrs/3hrs
  • Skill Level-All Level
  • Assessment-Yes

Extra Features-

  • Weekends and weekdays Training
  • Classroom and Online Training
  • 80% Practical and 20% Theortical
  • Internship Opportunity
  • Video Tutorials
  • Audio Tutorials
  • Practice Labs
  • Ebooks
  • Extra Classes /Backup Classes

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