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Fake Fraud Detection Training-Customer Credit Card fraud-Craw Security

Fake Fraud Detection Training-Customer Credit Card fraud-Craw Security

Craw Cyber Security provides training on cyber crime for customers fraud and investigation to all banking customers like various banks PNB, CITI Bank, NBF bank employees. Credit Card customer Frauds are happening with bank customers. Its important to detect frauds before it is too late, Craw Security provides complete fraud detection training in the field of cyber security and Ethical hacking.

It is important to review your banking credentials regularly.

Various things People should know about Frauds :
1. Never hand over your credit card to anyone you don’t know.
2. Never write your pin on credit cards or Debit Cards to protect your self from frauds.
3. Try to used Chip based cards rather then magnetic strip based cards.
4. Do not disclose your card details over call or SMS to anyone.(even to bank employees).
5. Do not entertain fraud bank calls.
6. You might get calls regarding credit card fee charges call from bank( it is the way of taking your amount as bank fee charges)


Fraud Companies Scamming in Delhi

And if you get scammed by fraudster or fooled by any malicious person you need to call Police and tell your bank about this fraud As Soon as possible.
Now a days people gets fraud calls of wrong shopping of 10000/- or 50000/- and sometimes it is of 15000 you need to be beware of these kinds of calls you can file a lawsuit or police case against such fraud people. Inform concerned authorities about Culprits. Now a days cyber Crime are happening and people are loosing there high earned money.

Fraud Companies Ongoing in Delhi Call center are found by UP Police Cyber Crime Division.
Now a days frauds are happening at lots of places your are requested to be alert with such consumer frauds in market. You can also take our professional course to detect these kinds of frauds.

 “Awareness is the Key to Protect your self “

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