using nmap on windows

HOW TO RUN N-MAP(Network Mapper)

HOW TO RUN N-MAP(Network Mapper)

N-Map is also known as NETWORK MAPPER. N-Map is a security scanner ,originally  written by Gordon Lyon..N-Map is used for a Hosts and Service in computer network. thus building a “map” of the network. To accomplish its goal, N-Map sends specially crafted packets to the target host(s) and then analyzes the responses.

Is a powerful and multi-purpose open-source tool used mainly for ports scanning for knowing it’s state whether it is open or closed, security auditing in which we will be able to know what are the parallel DNS Resolution and “Traceroute“, a command route toolset shows how your connection is going from your local machine to the target host.


Step 1– Download the Nmap installer

Step 2– Install Nmap

Step 3– Run the “Nmap – Zenmap” GUI program.

Step 4– Enter in the target for your scan

Step 5– Choose your Profile

  • Intense scan
  • Ping scan
  • Quick scan
  • Regular scan

Step 6– Click Scan to start scanning.

Step 7– Read your result

  • Ports/Hosts
  • Topology
  • Host Details
  • Scans


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